Conservatism in the Days ahead

As this is my final issue as Publisher of the Tory, this letter will be my opportunity to both say goodbye and introduce the next Publisher of this magazine. It’s been a great honor to serve as the Tory’s Publisher in the last year, and I’d like to thank the excellent staff that I had for an exciting year.

The Pragmatic Case for Guns

. Freedom of speech is another great example: there’s intrinsic value in being able to say what you want to say, and that is enough for me to warrant a general right to free speech.
Not so with the right to bear arms. On the right to bear arms, I’m almost completely a pragmatist. And yet, I still find myself (albeit often reluctantly) on the side against gun control.

Pushing Wilson off His Pedestal

While I am not advocating starting a campaign to rename the major and residential college, it is important to recognize all aspects of Wilson’s presidency. Not merely because it is unfortunate that an iniquitous man is so prominently honored, but also expunging the faults of past leaders leads to an unrealistic belief in the goodness of our government.