Harry Reid and Sharron Angle

By Shane Mitchell, PPN

The campaign for Nevada’s seat in the Senate is one of the most hotly contested races this election season. Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, is opposed by Sharron Angle, a Tea Party Republican. Both parties are throwing their full weight behind this election, and—regardless of the result—the victorious party will use this election as an indicator of the whole country’s mood. Harry Reid’s longtime incumbency and Sharron Angle’s ultraconservative Tea Party views both leave a bad taste in the mouth of Nevadan voters; however, as the election draws nearer, Sharon Angle’s position will surely become less attractive, as evidenced by her recent drop in the polls.

Sharron Angle beat out several establishment GOP nominees in the primaries to become the Republican Senate candidate for Nevada. While certainly an achievement for Sharron Angle, her nomination may have ruined what was otherwise a golden opportunity for the GOP to take down Harry Reid. Her recent drop in popularity in the polls—now Reid is just about tied with her—may be attributed to Reid’s numerous ads bringing to light her extreme views. As a Tea Party Republican, she once called for the privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the dismantlement of Social Security, and suggested the possibility of “Second Amendment solutions” to problems in Congress. Perhaps realizing how frightening those positions are, Angle has since backed off of them during the course of her campaign. However, one should hope Nevada voters realize what kind of person Angle was, and still is, when casting their vote.

An examination of her campaign website reveals that Angle believes America should further develop “its coal and natural gas resources to expand our domestic oil resources”, with no mention of alternative energy sources. She further espouses “spending cuts” without mentioning any actual programs, but, unsurprisingly, she does make clear which taxes she would like to cut. She also promises not to dip into the Social Security fund, as Congress has often done, but does not explain where the revenue will be made up for current programs. Sharron Angle has no vision for a better America, and furthermore supports policies that do nothing to address the nation’s debt problem.

Harry Reid, at least, lays out a cogent plan for what to do about the economy, and proposes legislation on energy policy that aims to bring jobs to Nevada. Reid, in general, expresses clearer ideas as to what he would do if allowed to continue his tenure as a Senator. Angle, in the course of two sentences, sums up her education policy by stating that she thinks education should be decided locally and at the state level. Harry Reid names bills he has worked on, bills he is working on, and goals for the future of education in America. As one reflects on what each candidate has to offer, one can see that Harry Reid is capable of legislating, while Sharron Angle is only capable of campaigning. Her shallow, and often insidious, political beliefs are reason enough for Nevadans to reconsider voting for her this November.

Hopefully when push comes to shove this November, Harry Reid will emerge victorious; if he does not, Nevadans and the country as a whole may wonder what is to become of the 112th Congress. Sharron Angle’s half-baked Tea Party reveries may sound appealing, but in practice, they would only serve to worsen the state of America. The slow privatization of Social Security, repeal of healthcare reform, continued reliance on oil, ineffective education system, backwards “family values,” and egregious tax cuts are dangerous to begin with; without a plan or purpose they are catastrophic. Of course, should Angle win this November, whether or not she serves in a majority-Democrat Senate, each Tea Party senator allowed into the hallowed halls of the Capitol is another blow against America’s future prosperity. Come November, Nevadans, like many Americans, will be asked to choose what kind of country they want to live in: hopefully it will not be one where Sharron Angle and those like her are at the helm!

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